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July 03, 2008


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We LOVE white floors - particularly if you are going artificially age them!

Heath Row

I tend to prefer natural wood floors, etc.

Renovation Therapy

I painted my kitchen floor white. You can hop over to my blog to see pics. It's actually been pretty easy to take care of. Damp mop and windex...


I think they look so cool!


I prefer natural wood, but there are times when painted is the right choice (such as if the wood was originally painted).


nice post, thanks for sharing!

linda fodo

I luv luv luv it! I am going the same to my floors

Solid Wood Flooring

Nice clean white wood flooring.

wood laminate floor

Can you show the picture of whitel painted wood floor?

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I am always so impressed with the classic design and details in your cards! I have to laugh when you say they are "simple!" Thanks for your attention to detail and sharing it with us! Happy summer!

flooring in Indianapolis, IN

A white hardwood floor seems to be a good idea. It gives the impression that your place is neat and clean. You have to be responsible in cleaning your house, though. Any surfaces of any color can get dirty in just a matter of time, so you have to take care of them well. May it be your floors, your counter top, your walls, whatever. Keep your house stuff clean. You don't want to get sick because of the dirt, do you?

Oh, by the way. I love the picture! Nice snap on the couch with the white floor! I hope you share a lot more pictures of interiors soon!

-Ailith Blesington

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